Once again, RAIMA falls in love!

Raima Fall in love on Saint George's Day

Yesterday, at the celebration of Sant Jordi's Day, Raima became the epicenter of romance and culture in the heart of Barcelona. With a spectacular Seat 600 adorned with more than 1.000 roses, the store presented a decoration that captured the essence of this very special day.

The interior decoration was not left behind, with an impressive structure of 15 meters high, from which roses hung, creating a magical atmosphere for visitors. Record attendance, more than 5.000 people they came to Raima to immerse themselves in this festive atmosphere, where they had the opportunity to take photos, buy books, bookmarks, paper roses, and other charming products that Raima offers to win hearts.

The celebration extended to the street, where a stall was set up with books and paper roses, and the free personalization service of notebooks was offered, adding a personal touch to the gifts on the day. This event was once again a great success and reaffirmed Raima's motto for this beautiful day: Raima falls in love.

With the perfect combination of tradition i creativity, Raima has once again proven to be a point of reference at the Sant Jordi celebration, leaving an indelible mark on the memory of all those who participated in this very special event.

Raima Enamora, not only in Sant Jordi, but in every detail, in every smile shared, in every story told. Because at Raima, every day is an opportunity to fall in love.

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