At Raima we love paper, there is no doubt about that. But beyond this insatiable love that we call to the four winds, we also get involved with our client to offer him a totally deal personalized, quality, professional and of character human.

For this reason, we find no better way to reflect our culture of quality than through the our services which we have been developing with passion and care so that you find at your fingertips, useful and practical alternatives whether you are part of the graphic and artistic environment, or if you are part of the business and commercial world.

Here are all the services you will find on our 2nd floor, the wonderful paper floor.


Already considered an ancient art due to the fact that it has evolved over the centuries. At Raima, we wanted to recover this valuable practice and offer two methods that bring together all the necessary material and technical aspects. We refer to binding industrial i craft. You can use any of these methods to cover notebooks, photo albums, books and folders with polished, clean and professional finishes.

RAIMA binding

Custom boxes

It is the most recognized service in our store because it gives us the opportunity to experiment with countless sizes and formats: round, square, wider, shorter, elongated, rectangular, one-piece, with lids, with handles or running track, in short, there are no limits to creating the box of your dreams because at RAIMA we take care of everything! From the structure to the small details: Soft finishes, delicate tones, subtle proposals or vibrant colors, all of them, designed from the sea of ​​paper that you will only find in RAIMA.

Custom boxes


Personalization is a very representative sign of RAIMA. Good example of this are the variety of Engravings so original that we have. An ancient service that can be used in such a way Art com professional. The possibilities are endless when you master such a versatile discipline and applicable to multiple surfaces. Prepare your album, notebook, brochure, notebook or book and shape your identity stamp in each of your projects. Use techniques such as the lithography, printing, screen printing or laser and impress anyone who knows your projects.

Custom prints.

Letters for restaurants

We know that quality and good service are reflected in the products as much as in their presentation and appearance. For this reason, thinking of the establishments and businesses that, like us, work towards the public, we have developed a service of preparing Cards for Restaurant fully customized, with a very diverse and exclusive range of materials. We know that every detail adds up and that's why we offer you step-by-step support with the type of paper, the cover and the design specifications necessary to make your letter an immaculate presentation that will surely leave your customers satisfied from first moment

Restaurant menus.

Custom carpentry

A fifth service proposal capable of reflecting the innovative spirit that characterizes us is the Custom carpentry. We have the ingenuity and ability to offer you an extensive selection of materials and solutions from the immense sea of ​​paper we have. Prepare your architectural dossier, your collection of writings or your most original sketches and transmit your creative (and professional) spirit on a folder of rings, flap or partition, with bellows or ecological materials. Take home a fascinating and authentic design with unique features and signs of distinction.

Custom carpentry

Custom printing

Sometimes the small details are the most important. And is it left when the lights go out, when the music stops and the hugs are no longer heard? Well, there is possibly an endearing memory in the form of a photo, it's true. Over time, however, surely what we end up keeping in a small corner of our house is the participation in that wedding, or the about with ours name of that event or even the business card which they gave us in that store which now does not exist. And it is these small elements that often and almost unintentionally become the only and most precious memory of the moments lived. Moments that we know will be unrepeatable and that is why they deserve an equally authentic special memory. Get to know our service dcustom printing and make the remaining experience incomparable from beginning to end.

Custom printing

Paper cutting

And as a last resort, we come to the essentials Paper cutting, a work system where we have demonstrated year after year the experience, care and passion we have for our products. Choose directly any of the beautiful papers we have, be inspired by their shapes and colors and if their designs do not fit your requirements, come to us and we will be happy to give you the size you want. Come and realize for yourself that our role has no limits.

Paper cutting.

You have already noticed them all, now the decision is yours. Come to RAIMA to get to know first hand our wide and select range of services where we look for everything, to offer you an experience of comfort and assistance like nowhere else. Remember that we are at Carrer Comtal, 27 in the city of Barcelona. Or if you prefer, contact us via email comtal2@raima.cat and we will communicate with you.

Welcome to RAIMA.

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