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Few brands are able to arouse emotions with their imposing creations, innovate with each product line and come to impose trends. And now, if we think of a brand with these characteristics, we will surely come to the conclusion that it is within the fashion environment.

Well, there is one that meets the three points mentioned above and has nothing to do with glamor fashionista of the walkways.

Is called Flower. And it’s a craft brand of paints.


To start, Flower is an Italian brand that was born in 1946. Initially they were already involved with their product and that is why they dedicated a good brushstroke of research, time and a lot of effort to get the most disruptive and colorful paintings on the market.

And it is thanks to its production craft, which allows you to get sensational shades of color, the brand is now internationally recognized by decorators, artists and designers.

FLOWER PAINTING Brand labels. Photo: Fleur


What's so special about it? How many ranges exist? And above all, what is it for?

First of all, what makes this product unique? The answer is quite simple: Its finished. Extremely matte. In this respect, it is the raw material, i.e. the minerals. They are responsible for giving such vibrant finishes and give volume to the surfaces. And is that the paint reaches such a special color depth that it seems even that the products are made naturally with these colors.

However, once the paint dries, it is completely adhered to the surface and is very resistant to water. In fact, it is used to paint clothes such as shoes or T-shirts and the result is, as always, amazing.



Because the possibilities are so diverse, we would end up earlier if we tell you what DO NOT you can do with the Flower.

Indeed, there is virtually no surface that resists the elegant, deep Fleur colors. From wood to glass, from metal to plastic and as we mentioned before; the fabric. As we test new surfaces we will discover that we can apply the paint to others such as iron, porcelain or plaster.

FLOWER PAINTINGResistant paints from the first pass


That's not all, but within the wide range of paintings we can find many more utilities. The brand has thought of everything and for this reason it prints with its essence Glitter, sprays, rollers i brushes handmade.

After trying any of these utensils you will see how painting on surfaces is like children’s play, as their uniform coverage and application are of supreme quality. And also easier to clean.

FLOWER PAINTING Chairs painted with Chalk Paint. Photo: Pinta Sin Parar


Yes. There are so many, with different tones and presentations that they had to edit one 198-page catalog to be able to teach all its ranges. The result is a very complete book, with varieties of colors classified by minerals, applications and materials on which they can be used.

Surely many of us identify the yellow primary, but what if we replaced it with a Love in Portofino, or Vanilla Ice, or even better a Banana Cream with subtle touches of Alhambra Yellow. Fascinating truth? Well, the same goes for the more than 140 color ranges that we can find in its catalog.

FLOWER PAINTING Color ranges. Color of the year: Penelope's Pink


Do you have any antique furniture that you want to give a second life to? It is the example of some furniture / shop windows we have in the store; D. Or maybe you want to paint the kitchen or bedroom furniture? Do you have a frame, chair, bike, box or decorative object that you want to give it a more personal style?

So take advantage and come to RAIMA because here you will find a wide selection of Fleur paintings. Approach the 3 plant and discover the many colors we have to decorate, restore, design and ultimately CREATE totally unique styles and works!

FLOWER PAINTING Furniture Restored by the Raima team with Fleur paintings

We look forward to seeing you!

Oh, and finally before I leave, icing on the cake: Flower is brand sustainable financing model! Thanks to first, its production methods and second, 100% recyclable glass and cardboard packaging have been able to reduce emissions to values ​​even lower than those established by law.

Learn more about these paintings and their quality in the our stores physical and ours shop online

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