IZIPIZI glasses for screen #H Tortoise

39,95 (VAT included)

SKU: 110173

Lenses for anti-blue light screen.


Anti blue light lenses

SCREEN glasses filter 40% of the blue light emitted by screens, thus reducing eye strain, eye irritation and headaches. This characteristic is achieved through a treatment that makes the lenses slightly yellow and guarantees the respect of the perceived colors.

Anti-scratch lenses

The lenses of our frames have an anti-scratch coating to prolong the use of the glasses. However, we recommend using the target bag when not in use.

Anti-smudge lenses

The lenses in our frames have an anti-smudge treatment that makes the lens surface slippery and non-sticky. This prevents material from being deposited on the lens and makes it easier to clean.

This model complies with international standards for sun protection glasses.


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