The Smart Writing Set Ellipse is a pack that contains the Pen + Ellipse smart pen and a large striped Paper Tablet with special Ncoded paper. Together with the Moleskine Notes App, these smart tools allow your handwritten notes and thoughts to travel beyond the page and evolve on the screen in real time.

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Simply type in the pages of the Paper Tablet with the Pen + Ellipse for instant digitized notes that can be edited, transcribed, organized, and shared on the device you want. The Pen + Ellipse fits the lid of the Paper Tablet, so you’ll always be ready to jot down key points from a meeting, a project’s storm of ideas, to-do lists, and everything that fills the pages of your notebook. The Smart Writing September Ellipse makes an instant and functional digital copy of every page, combining all the benefits of limitless digital creativity for your freehand notes, sketches, layouts and scribbles. Part of Moleskine’s most comprehensive Smart Writing System, the September Ellipse Smart Writing works with all Moleskine Paper Tablets and Smart Diary / Planners. Choose from a variety of page layouts, sizes and colors, as well as a range of accessories to create a custom Smart Writing System.
Box contents:

- Pen + Ellipse smart pen

- Striped Tablet Paper, with special paper designed to work with Pen +

- USB cable for recharging the smart pen

- 1 spare ink with pen tip

- XS Starter Journal steering wheel

Box: 26 x 26 x 3 cm
Tablet Paper: Large 176 pages 13 x 21 cm - 5 «x 8 1/4

The Moleskine Notes app can be downloaded for free from the App Store, Google Play, and Windows Store.

Discover Works With, a network of digital partners whose applications and software communicate directly with the Moleskine + Smart Writing System, so that your handwritten notes and hand-drawn sketches come to life instantly across the platform corresponding digital.