MD Notebook F3 Variant Cotton

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Handmade notebook using traditional Japanese threaded binding. Totally flat opening for easy writing. Minimal design eliminating the superfluous to obtain the maximum attractiveness. Original paper that prevents stains and bleeding allowing comfortable writing.

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MD paper notebook which, compared to normal wood pulp, has 20% "cotton pulp" which has long fibers, a soft texture and great comfort when drawing. MD Note Cotton has evolved as a notebook to enjoy drawing more, such as sketches and sketches.

The size of the MD Note Cotton has been revamped. The size of the "F3" format, which is wide, is perfect for drawing landscapes and figures. It is the best size to draw a large motif. This "F" is the initial of "Figure". In other words, it is a standard of French origin based on the proportion of gold, which is designed to be suitable for portraits and images.

The Midori MD Paper notebooks open completely at 180º being flat thanks to their sewn binding, which also gives the notebook great durability.

The simplicity of MD notebooks is one of its main features, such as the fact that it has no cover, so you can admire the beauty of the notebook design.

The notebook comes with a thin paraffin cover that protects it from the first use. It is the user's choice to keep or remove it.

This format has no covers for this measurement.

Smooth sheet with 20% cotton
White finish
200 pages
Stitched binding
Built-in bookmark
Product size F3, 273 (height) x 210 (width) x 11 (thickness) mm
Weight: 508 gr

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