MD Notebook A5 Grid Lines English Caption

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Handmade notebook using traditional Japanese threaded binding. Totally flat opening for easy writing. Minimal design eliminating the superfluous to obtain the maximum attractiveness. Original paper that prevents stains and bleeding allowing comfortable writing.

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When the tip of the pencil is passed over the slightly rough MD paper, a small sound can be heard on the tip of the pencil. Midori uses paper developed since 1960, finished with such an exquisite texture that it allows you to enjoy the writing experience. The Midori MD Paper notebooks open completely at 180 º and are flat thanks to their sewn binding, which also provides the notebook with great durability. The paper is suitable for writing with a fountain pen throughout the range. Recognizing the importance of the quality of the paper used to capture memories, thoughts and ideas by notebook users, Midori has spent years perfecting its role in the search for comfort in writing, ink resistance and antitransparency. The simplicity of MD notebooks is one of its main features, such as the fact that it has no cover, so you can admire the beauty of the design of the notebook. Bring a sticker in case you want to classify each notebook with information of the Volume No., Start Date, End Date, Idea and Diary, as well as free fields for any content. The notebook comes with a thin paraffin sheath that protects it from the first use. It is up to the user to maintain or remove it. Transparent plastic, paper, and leather covers specially designed for MD Paper notebooks are also available. The paper in MD Paper notebooks is the same as that used in Traveler's Notebook notebooks. 5 mm checkered sheet 176 pages Stitched binding Built-in bookmarks Product size A5, 210 (height) x 148 (width) x 10 (thickness) mm Weight: 258 gr

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