MD Paper Pad A4 Cotton Blank

13,90 (VAT included)

SKU: 169801

Handmade notebook using traditional Japanese threaded binding. Totally flat opening for easy writing. Minimal design eliminating the superfluous to obtain the maximum attractiveness. Original paper that prevents stains and bleeding allowing comfortable writing.


Block of sheets of MD Paper Cotton, glued in L for greater firmness in writing.

It is solid and stable, which allows it to be used in any situation and position. In addition, the cut corner allows you to always have control over the orientation of the writing and drawing.

Cotton paper MD Cotton paper which, compared to normal wood pulp, has 20% “cotton pulp” which has long fibers and absorbs ink well.

The paper is suitable for writing with fountain pen throughout the range. Recognizing the importance of the quality of the paper used to capture memories, thoughts and ideas by notebook users, Midori has spent years perfecting its role in the search for comfort in writing, ink resistance and antitransparency.

smooth sheet
90 sheets
Product size A4, 297 (height) x 210 (width) x 10 mm

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