Music and Light

There are combinations that will never look good. That no matter how hard we try, they don't fit, they don't fit together, they can't hold on. It’s like mixing oil with water, already by nature it’s a combination you can’t, it doesn’t square.Instead, there are millions of combinations that are ideal. For example, guitar, bass drum and violin. The newspaper and the coffee. And Lexon knows the latter very well.

And this is precisely what we want to talk about today, a new combination born of two references in Design as they are Andrea Quaglio and Manuela Simonelli.

 Manuela Simonelli and Andrea Quaglio

Two inseparable Lexon brothers

Italian designers have created for the brand lexon a singular speaker called Mino and his inseparable traveling companion; an adorable lamp known as Mina.

The first is responsible for setting the rhythm of the most cozy environments of the home, for this, it has excellent sound quality and a compact design that makes it easily portable anywhere.

On the other hand, Mina takes center stage when creating a surrounding atmosphere and reinvents the concept of light, as no in the palm of the hand and its design is brand new, like except for a futuristic movie of recent times.

Lexon Mino & Mina. Photo: Lexon

They were born to stay 

And what can we say about its features?

In first place, Mino it is the perfect synergy between innovation and quality. Either because of its peculiar appearance that comes in five different colors, each disruptive and original. Or, for its unsurpassed benefits. Well it works through the Bluetooth, has microphone built-in which allows to do selfies remotely and is also capable of synchronize the sound with another from his own family.

Its duration? Three hours of useful life without the need to connect it to the charger and with sensational sound interpretations. Simply put, a delight to your ears.

Mino golden color. Photo: Brand

A design that catches the eye

What can we say about the sophisticated Mina that you can’t see with the naked eye? Because it is an exclusive creation for design lovers, the minimalism  and functionality.

For starters, it has two types LED lighting. On the one hand, a kind of cold light ideal for daytime hours and on the other, one warm light also adjustable and much needed to rest your eyes, especially at night.

From here, it is possible that we are facing the most exceptional and original creation of the last year, as its autonomy of 6 hours long without load and its compact design, make this complement one of the most useful and efficient on the market. You can take it anywhere and it will take up virtually no space.

Also, to fully charge it only takes thirty minutes and its sleek finishes on cobalt, sky blue and titanium, they will make the most savvy end up falling in love with her. It will be a love at first sight

Mine collection. Photo: Brand

Why these Lexons?

Because the pleasant, delicate atmosphere that results from warm lighting along with soft, enveloping rhythms in the background is simply film-like. Consequently, we obtain a harmonious symphony between music and lighting.

Let yourself be accompanied by the two little ones of the Lexon family and make your moments an experience of unparalleled comfort, soft and endearing.

And is that Mino and Mina are the perfect combination, their designs play with each other and are also the perfect gift, as they are two ideal travel companions: light, autonomous and efficient. We have no doubt that you will rejoice in the hearts of those who receive this detail.

If you want to know more, visit our store online or approach the our stationery where we will help you choose the ideal for you or your loved ones.

Lexon mino loudspeaker Mino Speaker Photo: Brand

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