Case of 108 TOMBOW markers plus an assortment of FREE RAIMA papers. All for 295.-€

Start practicing now or perfect your letter drawing technique. With this pack you can go everywhere with your TOMBOW markers and always have them well organized!

The case of 108 TOMBOW Markers

Now you can take 108 double-brush markers wherever you want. With this accordion folding case you can store and organize your favorite Tombow products.

+ GIFT RAIMA paper pack

This assortment of papers is valued at €25. Contains: paper to practice lettering, decorative paper to make your creations, karft paper, organic paper and recycled paper. 

Make lettering make magic!

Lettering techniques you can learn.
Learn how to take advantage of yours TOMBOW: make thin strokes going from top to bottom, and thick in the opposite direction, exerting all the pressure that is necessary. You will be able to create elegant, beautiful and original letters. There are no limits to your imagination. Degradate each color, combine them, create shadows of different types. Do magic, do lettering.
Handwriting has become much more than just words on paper. Adding some original techniques to your letters, to your invitations, to your appointments, not only adds visual interest by creating art, but it’s also fun and your TOMBOWs will make it so much easier and more beautiful.
Try from different angles and play with the spaces to give personality to each letter. The result is completely different if you leave angles open or if you close them, or if we leave more or less space. All of these details will help define your own style. In addition, being soluble, you can use them to make backgrounds, mixtures and degradations.

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