Our roots go back a year 1979 when Núria Raja opened Folder, a conventional neighborhood stationery, close and very unique.
Over time, the year 1986 it was decided to open RAIMA. Located on the same street as the first and located in an iconic building from 1513. Thus was born RAIMA, with a markedly personal style and with the purpose of being the home of a selection of exceptional products, based on quality and functionality and of course. However, what has made this store unique since the day it opened and until now, is its ability to offer the most extensive and diverse range of paper to professionals in the world of Design, Architecture and Fine Arts.

This is how Barcelona was granted a space where emotions could be aroused from a product as delicate and versatile as paper. A place where you could get all the supplies needed to create, decorate and build everything the imagination allows us.
It is thanks to our effort, passion and dedication that we are today recognized as a reference stationery and it is that from the first moment it was built step by step with the aim of giving life to comfortable spaces, where restored furniture of the time converges with a compendium of authentic products, brought from all over the world and able to create an atmosphere of harmony and balance, which plays with the identity of the building and allows for a non-aggressive and respectful intervention. We knew from the beginning that light played a very important role and by itself has the ability to give spirit to the environments and colors of each plant, which is why we took advantage of the wide skylight (celobert) which is located in the center of the store and goes down from the last to the first level to give a feeling of verticality and spaciousness very authentic and surrounding the entire store.
Finally, to complement this unique infrastructure, we arranged the products with a very characteristic chromatic balance and classified them by plants with clearly defined environments, all different but complementary. 

And is that after the expansion of the store where we went from 2 to 6 floors, each level seeks to convey an emotion and a feeling of vivid warmth to find a connection with the colors and shades of the season depending on the services, brands and items that rest there. Below we explain everything that surrounds each of our plants. Join us:












Raima facade.

The zero floor. It is the plant that, together with the SEAT 600 of the year 69, welcomes visitors, customers and stationery enthusiasts. That's why in this space you will find a brushstroke of each of the following plants: Conventional writing, office accessories, diaries, notebooks, photo albums, board games, drawing utensils, personal accessories and much more. All carefully selected to, little by little catch you in the wonderful Raima universe.
















Plant 0.

We go up the stairs and we face the plant 1, also known as the plant Noble (it was where before the reform the paper and the workshop were located). It is an environment with character, which combines metal industrial structures with golden frames in the Baroque style to give prominence to the product. It is also the most exclusive space in the store, as we can find brands as sophisticated as Montblanc. PicuadroScharlau o The Helmet and it is also, the first touch of contact with the world Deco: Leather goods, paintings and a long line of household products, such as scented candles, limited edition figures, tread papers and an extensive and so on. A walk along this floor is almost mandatory if you pass by Barcelona's Carrer Comtal.
















Plant 1.

We keep moving forward and reach the heart of Raima, the place where we have our DNA. We refer to the paper plant; the 2nd floor. Here you can find a select and wide range of paper from around the world. From Mexico, Japan, India and many more countries come from materials exquisite, real wonders useful for a lot of applications such as painting, binding, restoration, Decoupage, Fine Arts and a huge, and so on. The excellent quality of our paper is of course a guarantee and the variety of colors, textures and shapes will leave you totally fascinated.

Beyond the sea of ​​paper that you will find in this plant, you will also be able to know the specialized services that we work with care and dedication. We will be happy to help you with the binding of notebooks and albums, to record your agenda or to give you personalized advice in the manufacture of your restaurant menu and of course, we will cut out the paper and the cardboard to the size you want. Find out more about our services here.
















Plant 2.

If you still want to discover more of our store, go up with us to the 3 plant, the plant of creativity, handicrafts, fine arts, boxes, ribbons, wrapping paper, hospitality and home decor. As a curiosity, we tell you that on this floor the vast majority of the furniture you will see has been recovered, restored and decorated by the RAIMA team giving them a second life, because recycling and involvement with the environmentt is one of the values ​​that have always accompanied us. It is a plant that fills those who visit it with joy, as it is easy to see how sensational and unique creations can be brought to life with the products of the different sections!
















Plant 3.

Accessing by the stairs or if you want, by the elevator, we find the 4 plant. We call it Nimura Room, in honor of the Japanese designer who painted the wall. Nimura is a sociocultural space conceived as a meeting point for artists and creatives. A place where they can be made workshops, presentations, talks, workshops, concerts and much more. It is a multipurpose room, open, with large windows and designed to share and grow together.
















Plant 4.

If we cross Nimura, we will meet the two terraces from our store. A luxury in the center of the city of Barcelona overlooking the rooftops of Ciutat Vella. A space to take in as much air as you can and disconnect from the energetic pace and lifestyle of the city. This is where we end our visit and from where we have a much broader perspective of all that Raima means.
















Rooftop Raima.

Because with more than 40 years of experience in the trade sector, we have always defended the small and medium trade, the traditional trade, of proximity, of singular charm, where the treatment is human, 100% personalized and the quality of the product has an unquestionable value. And it is in relation to this that customer service and service is our main value, because we do not conceive a store without people, where everyone hi head and take his place, with honesty and respect. We are aware of the importance of the digital world, but we learn, adapt and live with it. Because we like to innovate, constantly improve and that makes our model stand out and last over time.

You are always welcome to RAIMA, the largest stationery store in Europe.


Passion to give you excellent service

We focus on understanding your needs, solving your problems, and exceeding your expectations every day.

Commitment and involvement

We practice self-reliance to overcome ourselves day in and day out and beyond that, we have a high sense of involvement and responsibility with the environment and society.

Honesty, integrity and respect

We consider these three fundamental pillars and enact them whether you are a customer, supplier, collaborator or member of our team.

Team work

We set common goals and work together to achieve them. We believe in the great potential of teamwork above individualities.

Innovation, Creativity and Continuous Improvement

We are restless spirits, we have fun in the constant search for ideas and opportunities for improvement to always be authentic and different.

Quality, Functionality and Design

We care about selecting products and services that are able to meet high standards of quality, optimal functionality and exceptional design.

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