Homemade. Custom boxes

one of the services most prominent and well-known a RAIMA.

Handcrafted quality

Whether it’s because it’s one of the services we’ve had the most experience in Raima or because the possibilities it presents are truly endless, custom boxes is one of the services most requested by our customers. And is that quality, sensitivity to detail and the handicraft work they make this benefit have incalculable added value.

Unlike other companies, at RAIMA we focus on the whole process from start to finish. Because we understand that our customer seeks attention 100% customized, quality and effective. And this is precisely what represents us, as they are three of us values who have always been with us. Beyond the service of custom boxes, they are pillars on which our stationery rests.

What does personalization mean?

A particularly relevant feature, as customization is one of the most requested features today and the least seen on the market. Customization for us means you tell us the size of the box; both height and width. Customization also means you can choose the shape. how do you want it Circular, rectangular, square or elongated?

Personalization also means we give you exclusive attention. That we focus on understanding your needs and consequently, we work to meet each of the requirements. We understand that personalization more than through a product, it is through the assistance we can give you.

Choose the size and format

However, the exterior is also completely individual. The scenery you can choose it from the color you want and of course, you can use our paper in all its shapes and textures to finish these details. Thus, the range of options for decorating the box is so wide that the applications are useful for all kinds of sectors or environments.

Infinite possibilities

You are already one company you need to store files, products or documents. Or if you want to use boxes in property your to keep the clothes of the previous season or also, if you have to find a place to put the objects of Christmas. And is that our custom boxes are useful for everything. For example storing books, keeping special memories, making a gift, storing the little ones ’toys, and hundreds more utilities.


Choose the paper to line it.

In conclusion, RAIMA custom boxes meet the functional task to preserve your treasures but also, fill the spaces with fantastic designs. And if we add this to the addition of what is a piece made exclusively for you, then the value is unquestionable.

Zero kilometer

Finally, from RAIMA we consider it vitally important to support both companies and initiatives that care about carrying out their work here in Catalunya. And that is why the artisanal manufacture of our boxes is carried out in Barcelona from the very beginning. We strive to ensure that every step of the manufacturing process is kept here in order to give a final product in excellent condition, of impeccable quality and made in-house.

 How do you want it?

A service that stands out for its professionalism, dedication and attention to detail. A service that relies on a millennial art as it is the Craft and that in addition, it implies that the production and obtaining of the product takes place from the first moment in our territory.

They are the RAIMA boxes, the home made custom boxes!


Contact us for more information: info@raima.cat

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