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If you have a person in your family or friends who overflows with creativity, is passionate about art or enjoys writing and with all that, however, he is crazy about technology and is always seduced by the most disruptive innovations, because stay tuned because MOLESKINE comes with the perfect proposal.

The best of both worlds

Can you imagine being able to express all your imagination on paper, scratch, sketch and feel this almost magical connection that results from capturing our ideas about it ?, and all of a sudden, this drawing, graphic or writing is reflected as if magic art on a screen Tablet to finish details and perfect projects?

Luckily, you don’t have to imagine it because Moleskine puts in your hands a work of art that is the perfect combination of classical writing methodology and avant-garde technology. Let's talk about the sensational Moleskine Writing Set.

Writing set Moleskine. Photo: Moleskine

Digitization and art go hand in hand

As a result, the brand launches a notebook that allows you to transfer all ideas directly from paper to the screen of your phone, tablet or laptop.

Com funciona?

Simply through the Moleskine Pen + i the Moleskine Notes app. The most important thing is to understand that it is one of the most advanced pieces that exists to date.

But let's go in parts, what does this product consist of?

Create more fast, more effective and with thousands of possibilities

First, a smart pen. It has a small camera built into its tip that works to digitize everything you write. And also, it can be used on any cover or surface so that the moment the inspiration touches you, you can quickly record with it. If for some reason you don't have the app or Tablet MLK in the hand, the pen Pen + count with 90,6 MB of memory internal to store your ideas inside and then sync with the app. Don't worry about the ink, your cartridge is standard and easy to replace with anyone on the market.

Secondly, the paper. With technology Ncode built-in, which allows to detect through points on which section of the sheet is the pen.

Third, a notebook called paper Tablet with leaves of 70 g / m², of ivory color free of acid, like the one of the notebooks Midori. It is responsible for recognizing the real time, texts, drawings or plans that are reflected on the notebook.

MLK writing set MLK writing set. Photo: Moleskine

With Moleskine the ideas do not end 

Finally, the application. So much for Android as for IOS, you will find it looking for Moleskine Notes App. Once installed, you just need to keep it open to record any movement you make on the paper. From the app, you can play music, record audio, or sync your notes with Google Drive, Evernote, Email and many other platforms.

On the other hand, real-time synchronization. With the Bluetooth system you can easily transfer drawings and projects to the screen. Nothing more is needed. Simple, right?

A gift for life

Now this set writing It has many more features and applications that will end up fascinating you, such as the Smart Diary Planner, but in this post we refer to the essential part. Vine a RAIMA and we will be happy to show you the other functions and pledges that the digital notebook incorporates!

Think that if you want to surprise any creative mind, with talents in illustration, design, writing or fine arts, this gift will hit the target.

It is a useful, sophisticated accessory that combines the classic look of writing on paper with the efficiency and innovation of technology. In conclusion, it will be a detail that will always accompany them.

MLK writing set MLK writing set. Photo: Moleskine

Learn more about Moleskine, the RAIMA experience and more through our page from Instagram

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