Vegetal paper

Parchment cards
The best cards made of wood pulp, ideal for your diplomas, certificates, lamp screens and card.
Neutral Diafanold paper
100% wood cellulose paper. Perfect for protecting and preserving your photographs and paintings.
Iris embossed sandpaper
Paper made of cellulose. The best option to protect each page with photos from albums.
Sulfurized paper
Ideal paper for tracing patterns (tailoring) and all kinds of crafts.
Vegetal paper
Very transparent vegetable paper and microfine surface. Suitable for inkjet, laser, photocopy ink and pencil.
Transparent vegetable card
Made of wood pulp. Ideal for stationery, stamping…
Chromatic vegetable paper
Mass-dyed translucent paper. Ideal for laser and inkjet printers.

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