Paper 80 Grams Color

Enjoy the variety of colors in our eco-friendly, chlorine-free papers, they are suitable for photocopying, laser printers, inkjet and all kinds of printing. Measurement: 65 x 92 CM, 80 gr / m2.

In Raima we have the paper available offset extra colors. Available in FSC ®.

With IQ Color is possible to choose any favorite color, from soft and pale tones to striking neon colors and even black. As a certified paper FSC® i Ecolabel of the EU, IQ Color celebrates the nature and richness of color it provides. IQ Color is suitable for laser printers and copiers, as well as for inkjet printing and offset. Greater versatility includes the possibility of making prints, embossing, perforations and folding.

IQ Color has a superior color uniformity, surface structure and resistance to light offering an excellent appearance.

IQ Color has a high environmental profile with dyes conforming to theEN 71-3 (European standard for the safety of toys), in addition to an absence of heavy metals 94/62 / EC.

IQ Color has certificate FSC, and is fully biodegradable and recyclable.

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