The dream of writing on paper and keeping it on your mobile has come true
With mobile devices, millions of people have gone on to use less and less paper. Some do without it completely while others keep the spirit of the pencil, diary and notepad alive. For the latter, Moleskine has created the Smart Writing Set, a combination of paper, pen and app that unites the two worlds forever.
This is my notebook, my pen and… my app!

Moleskine is a brand that does not need to be presented. The Moleskine Smart Writing Set, consisting of a black Moleskine notebook and a matching pen, is all you need to get started.

The Smart Writing Set needs a crucial component to function, as essential as the other two. Your mobile phone with the Moleskine app installed and configured. Together, we have a system for taking notes and notes as well as making sketches or diagrams that we can take anywhere.

The magic of digital and paper together.
The Moleskine Smart Writing Set is a magical product. When you first see how it works it is inevitable to be surprised.

Annotations made in the Moleskine notebook (it's a special one, with dots that help in detecting watering) appear almost in real time on the iPhone. Detects every letter, dot or detail to perfection. So much so, that one gets to wonder if there is any kind of magic or spell behind this pen.

Moleskine has created the perfect tool for those who still love the role and want to benefit from the benefits of apps
The Smart Writing Set is designed for those who have always enjoyed writing with paper and pen. People who see the digital world, mobile phones and tablets as well as apps as a positive thing, but who are not convinced at the time of making notes. They rely more on paper. That is why Moleskine has wanted to combine the best of both worlds. The eternity of paper with the ubiquity of digital.

(very limited units)

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