Sustainable elegance

Sumptuous synthetic leather.
Synthetic leather provides all the aesthetic and tactile benefits of real leather, but without the prohibitive costs or ecological drawbacks.
With a cozy touch and a glossy granular texture, it combines exceptional visual appeal with excellent durability.
Designed for detail, texture and touch.
With a rich embossed grain with contrasting sewn details on the outer surfaces and a soft brushed hair on the inner areas, the synthetic leather range offers a unique sensory appeal both visually and tactilely.
Choose from the rich neutral shades of the gray or brown ranges, or make a statement with the contrasting black and white ranges.
Classic style.
The range of synthetic leather is produced in a wide range of styles of classic desk furniture.
From small containers for pens and desk drawers to larger paper storage and stackable systems, the range is popular for both home offices and fashion applications.

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