The most famous comic book reporter of all time arrives in Raima
Tintin first appeared on January 10, 1929 in Le Petit Vingtième magazine, which recounted the adventures of this journalist around the world with his fellow characters such as the dog Milú, the captain. Haddock, Professor Tornassol, detectives Hernández and Fernández and singer Blanca Castafiore.

The adventures of Tintin have reflected much of the history of the twentieth century in various publications such as Le Petit Vingtième, the newspaper Le Soir or the weekly Tintin. Through the adventures of the Belgian reporter, we have all witnessed the arrival of man on the moon, Japanese imperialism or colonialism in Africa, historical events that have marked different generations and that even everything was brought to the big screen in 2011 by the famous director Steven Spielberg.

Its author, Hergé, also created a school. He contributed to the development of comics as a language. His main contribution was the so-called "clear line", the taste for understanding and a certain classicism, which was followed by some masters such as Edgar Pierre Jacobs and Bob De Moor.
THAT'S WHY AND MUCH MORE WE HAVE DECIDED TO BRING TINTÍN TO RAIMA, from Ja, you can get any figure of collector you want in our space Clink

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