Boxes for storing documents and household utensils.

Cardboard boxes are made of corrugated cardboard, and are an ideal solution for storing various belongings and organizing documents, and their different shapes and sizes make them very versatile. Plus, they can be decorated to taste, you have no excuse to stop being surrounded by creativity! If you move or want to put some order at home, they are a safe bet.

If you plan to use the boxes numerous times throughout the day, make sure you are buying a quality product, as wear and tear on use can play havoc in the long run. The same goes if you are thinking of moving and moving material from here to there. In Raima we only sell top quality products.

What kind of packing boxes should I use to pack my products?

Depending on the type of object you want to organize, it will be better to deposit it in one box or another, depending on its weight, size and shape. At Raima, the online stationery store, you can find the following types of boxes:

  • Boxes for clothes. We have boxes to store shirts, sweaters and blankets. You can put them in any place collected so that they do not bother (above the closet, under the bed, at the bottom of the closet, on a shelf, etc.), and when the change of season arrives, find yourself your clothes as you left them the previous summer.
  • Photo boxes. Boxes to store photos of our loved ones and that do not age over time.
  • Boxes for albums. Your albums protected from external inclement weather.
  • Boxes for bottles.
  • Boxes for cds.
  • Tablecloth boxes. The good tablecloths you keep for this special occasion will remain pristine in our boxes.
  • Boxes for fountain pens. A good fountain pen needs a good box, to prevent it from ending up in the bottom of the drawer and getting lost.
  • Square boxes. The square boxes are practical and classic. They come in various sizes and colors.
  • Rectangular boxes. The most used, you can use them to store papers, documents, clothes, miscellaneous objects, toys, and you can paint them and make crafts on them.
  • Round boxes. Elegant round boxes, ideal for storing hats and other accessories.
  • Shoe boxes. To save the shoes from the previous season, or the one you no longer wear and are sorry to throw away.

What size box is best for me to store my stuff?

It depends a bit on what you want to save and the use you are going to give to the box. If your goal is to make it manageable and mobile, it’s best to buy a rather small or medium one, so you can with it even if it’s completely full. If you buy a large one and fill it up, you may not be able to move it; on the other hand, if you want to keep some blankets in a closet, a function for which you don't have to carry too much with the box, you can (and should) buy a model that is big enough to fit the blankets or others. objects you want to organize.

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