How many times do we let our imaginations run wild and feel like recreating our fantasies on paper or other material!
How many times have we wanted to customize a loved one!
Well, we can do it thanks to the Posca range of markers, a technique accessible to everyone!
The Posca range of markers has been on the market since more than 30 years ago. From the first moment until today, it remains a favorite of many illustrators. At first, it was a hit among artists and professionals, but it soon became known and now we know that with Posca, we can all become artists there!
Posca, unlimited creativity!
Posca markers can be used by children (from the age of five), young people and adults; professionals and amateurs; for work and for fun.
Posca is made of water-based pigments, so it does not produce any odor. It is not toxic and their colors, before they dry, can blend perfectly with each other on the same surface.
Since Posca markers can be used on almost any surface, you can draw and paint to customize a lot of objects. You can also apply them on your own body, as it can be wiped off later with a damp cloth.
More than a marker, Posca is almost a brush!
Characteristics of Posca markers
Before using Posca for the first time, you have to shake vigorously and press the tip on paper or some other material, until the ink begins to flow.
Its tips are reversible, so if they get damaged or worn out, you just have to take it out, turn it over and put it back on, and it will be ready to draw for the other one. extreme.
As its ink is made of pigments and water-based, Posca markers paint on any surface, on which, depending on their degree of porosity, it can be permanent. If it is a smooth surface, such as glass or plastic, you decide if you want to fix it or not. If you work on a porous surface, it will be permanent. It also does not pierce the paper and dries in a few minutes.
The paint on the Posca markers is opaque, which prevents the light from becoming transparent. You can dilute them to produce a watercolor effect; when it is still wet you can mix it to get more colors and once dry, you can add as many layers of colors as you want.
It exists in an extensive range of colors, from cakes to vibrant metallic tones; variety of thicknesses, from fine points of precision until the one of 15 mm.
Multipurpose marker
With Posca you can paint on any surface. If you use fabric, iron it when you’re done, making it resistant to washing. If you paint on ceramic, porcelain or glass, bake it to make it permanent. Iron with a cloth vinyl and PVC. For any other material, such as wood, metals, minerals and even eggshells, it was great to apply varnish.
Make your own design or replicate what you like on any surface. And you can make it permanent!

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