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If you like to make crafts, Raima offers you everything you need to equip your workshop, as well as a wide range of high quality products, which will help your crafts become wonderful pieces.
5000 years ago, already in India there was a tradition of handicraft work for making utilitarian items and artistic pieces. Many of the handicrafts and handicrafts we know of, were practiced for centuries to cover the material needs of ancient civilizations. Others are modern inventions or adaptations of unknown forms because they were originally practiced outside our realm.
Crafts are integrated into educational programs. Mostly, they require learning skills and developing personal qualities such as patience and perseverance, but virtually anyone can learn them, so the artistic and creative interests of students can lead them to turn crafts into a craft.
Materials and tools for making crafts in Raima
In Raima you will find the tools and materials to practice your favorite hobby: Binding, Calligraphy, Carding, Collage, Decoupage, Photomontage, Origami, Embossing, papier maché, Filigree, Scrapbooking, Printing, Layout, Model making and all that your creativity and imagination ask you.
Spray fasteners, such as 3M Spay Mount and 3M Photo Mount, that allow materials to be repositioned before final bonding; shears with different heads to change the type of cut; gun for applying embossing powder to heat and gun for applying sealing rods; die cutters; wide range of glues, such as Decopatch glue, Universal glue, white glue, bar glue and instant glue; adhesive tape, seals, zeal; varnishes; brushes and rollers; drills for drilling with different shapes, creative scissors, cutters, punches; plastic covers, metal rings; razor, eraser holder; labels; Raima wood, synthetic and bone folding machines; corners; Raima nylon yarn, Kraft yarn, cord; raft wood, cardboard paper stone and a myriad more.
In Raima, the offer is amazing. We are sure that here you will find products to enjoy making and that you will treasure once finished.
Benefits of crafting
Producing something with our hands, effort and imagination is really fascinating, as well as very beneficial for young and old. Planning and designing a project, looking for materials, building it and seeing it finished, involves the exercise of mental processes and skills that are very beneficial to your health. as it improves visual-manual and spatial coordination and stimulates areas of the brain that you may not have used in a long time. With crafting you learn new skills and explore new talents. It is a social activity that you can share with your friends and family while allowing you to meet people who share your interests. Improve the mood and sense of success that comes with seeing the end result.
In the case of children, crafts help them to develop and improve their bilateral coordination, fine motor skills, and visual processing skills. They learn to focus attention, control their impulses, and use working memory. Your self-esteem skyrockets for the feeling of success. It is a flexible activity that they can do as a hobby when they need to entertain themselves alone, or in company, as it allows them to build bonds with family and friends.

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