Faber-Castell colored pencils

With more than 255 years since its foundation, Faber-Castell produces approximately 2,3 billion wooden pencils a year worldwide.

They are a lot of pencils!

World-famous artists such as Vincent van Gogh and Paul Klee used products designed and manufactured by Faber-Castell.

The story of Faber-Castell

Founded by Kaspar Faber in Stein, Germany in 1761, Faber-Castle specializes in the design and production of all types of writing material, from high quality graphite pencils and crayons, to pens and watercolors.

The first pencil makers were registered around 1660 in the imperial city of Nuremberg. Many artisans also settled in nearby villages, particularly in Stein, where they were not subject to the same strict controls as in Nuremberg which gave them some competitive advantage.

One of them was cabinetmaker Kaspar Faber. At first he worked for local merchants, although in his spare time he produced pencils on his own. In a short time he was so successful that he managed to establish his own business.

From these modest beginnings, arose this great company known throughout the world.

Faber-Castell currently has about 7.500 workers worldwide and has production centers in nine countries; but, even after so many years, family and tradition are still rooted in the depths of the business. Generation after generation, to this day, the Faber family has run their business with growth goals and a futuristic and innovative vision.

During the XNUMXth century, Baron Lothar von Faber, for example, left a permanent mark on the company. He is remembered for his inflexible efforts to build the brand's reputation, social commitment, creativity and consistency, as well as his firmness to achieve the conquest of new markets, all commercial qualities that remain as strong as they were then. . It modernized production, built new, light and ventilated buildings, to provide healthier working conditions and better motivate employees.

Faber-Castell maintains a commitment to the environment and Social Responsibility

In addition to quality and safety, social and environmental issues are of great importance to Faber-Castell. They have signed a voluntary social charter within the Faber-Castell Group and have made a commitment to reforestation in Brazil. They have a CARE (Accountable, Conscious, Responsible, Ethical) certification in their factory in China awarded by the International Council of Toy Industries (ICTI).

On the other hand, Faber-Castell is aware that wood is a vital resource. Being the world's largest producer of wooden pencils, it needs up to 150.000 tons of wood each year. Ensuring a secure and friendly supply to the planet is a strategic goal and one of the biggest future challenges facing the company.

Faber-Castell products in Raima

Faber-Castell maintains a constant effort to manufacture unique products, working to rediscover what its customers want and satisfying these desires, staying true to its motto: "do everyday things extraordinarily well."

KarlBox by Faber-Castell, 350 pieces to draw, designed by Karl Lagerfeld, a real gem; pens and fountain pens; watercolor pencils; graphite pencils; watercolors; Chinese ink markers, a whole world to discover.

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