The legend of the dragon and the princess.

The most popular cataloninan legend tells that in Montblanc (Conca de Barbera) had a terrible dragon which viciously attacked men and beasts. To appease him, was chosen by lot by a person who was given in sacrifice to the monster. A lucky day said the king’s daughter, who would have killed the beast had it not been for the arrival of a handsome knight who challenged the dragon and killed. The tradition adds that the bloodshed was born a rose red flowers.


The St George’s Day is a holiday in which popular and bookstalls, roses and, above all, floods of people take to the streets of all Catalan towns. The celebration could not be simpler: the ritual involves, strolling, buy a rose, a book, or both, to give to dear family and friends. Despite not being a holiday, the day and the walk required fill to overflowing streets and squares throughout the day became a national holiday that celebrates unique within one business day.

From April 23th 1995 is the World Book and Copyright Day

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