In Barcelona, ​​the city of design, something was missing. On 2 September 1986, Raima became the first specialized stationery to service design professionals. To this end, we chose a unique building: an historic home of the nineteenth century, located in the popular Barcelona street, in the Gothic Quarter of Barcelona.

But our story had begun some years earlier:

1979. We found the folder, the source of a group that continues to grow.
Born 1986. Raima, a real emblem of the city of Barcelona.
1989. Open to the public on the second floor of the store Raima Street Condal, doubling the total.
1990. We create “RAIMA Illustration and Design” to promote and reward the work of professionals.
1995. Opening the second store Raima God and Mata Street, next to the shopping center L’Illa Diagonal.
2010 Comes Craft Catalonia. 100% handmade product made, all done in Catalonia.
2013. We enter the digital world with the online store.

Today, the world has changed stationery. The big companies monopolize the market. Raima, as a major benchmark for traditional paper just has a way of maintaining its leadership offering you quality, service and innovation, values ​​that have been with us since our inception.

These are our values ​​and want to share with you.

1. Passion to give you an excellent service. We focus on understanding your needs, solve your problems and exceed your expectations.

2. Commitment and involvement. We practice self-discipline to improve ourselves every day.

3. We treat people with honesty, integrity and respect, whether you are a customer, supplier, partner or member of our team.

4. Teamwork. Establish common goals and work together to achieve them. We believe in the great potential of teamwork above individual.

5. Innovation, Creativity and Continuous Improvement. Always looking for ideas and opportunities for improvement to be different.

6. Quality, Functionality and Design. We select products and services based on criteria of quality, functionality and design the optimal price.