Raima with Flick, literatures and arts festival of youth and children.

Flic 2016 - Familiar(CCCB)

Flic 2016 – Family (CCCB)
This colorful tangram was the gift for the nearly 1,000 families who participated in Flic Festival 2016.

The Flick is a festival of literary experiences and invites families to enjoy literature and the arts, committed to innovation and experimentation in cultural formats. The Flic promotes the creation in our country and international initiatives closer to our land crossing through literary art and pays special attention to encourage literary action in unusual spaces, as well as make it reach audiences at risk of social exclusion. The Flick, held in several cities for traveling, has a program for families, a program for schools and professional unatrobada.

With the aim of identifying and promoting the career of young talented illustrators and publicize their work through exhibitions at various venues, both domestic and international, the Festival has el Network Flick Schools of Illustration.