Last Thursday opened the 3rd edition of “The Paper de l’Art”, a collective macro-exhibition in which participate 16 art galleries of Barcelona and concentrate the PAPER as a support. During the months of May and June, the public can enjoy this support pieces made, original artwork, prints, photography, etc … by prominent artists of national and international scene.

The visitor has available and free of charge at any of the participating rooms the passports where you will find basic information about the exhibits. Passports are required for each of the 16 seals the spaces, to participate in the draw for a prize-gift valued at 3,000 euros to acquire works of art. Other awards will allow attendees to opt for a weekend trip to go to Switzerland to visit several museums.

The Paper de l’Art, offers an interesting opportunity to visit 16 exhibitions art galleries.

RAIMA joins this cultural initiative for the second year.

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