Do you know that there are many different varieties of paper? Therefore, in Raima we have one suitable for each specialty. In this case, we will talk about the role of Fine Arts, a role indicated for the technique of engraving and lithography, with which you will achieve spectacular results.

From this same paper we have different characteristics, the Fabriano Academia cardboard, a paper with a rough but soft texture that is made with cellulose paste. In addition, this, resists the passage of time and successive deletions.

If you love watercolor but you are a beginner, we recommend Montval watercolor paper because, thanks to its anti fungal treatment, it is washable to corrections, does not yellow and is also resistant to aging. You could also use the medium grain Guarro watercolor paper, ideal for all wet techniques. Meirat paper made by hand, is made from linen following a Japanese craft tradition, is very resistant glued in mass, perfect for all Fine Arts techniques and printing.

Figueras paper is treated with a special layer that is resistant to oil and water, which makes it ideal for oil and acrylic painting.

In addition, you can print pictures, paint with watercolor, oil, graphite, charcoal etc. You just have to choose the most suitable for each technique. In Raima, we advise you to obtain the best experience, we love being able to help you in what you are looking for.

All these papers can be found in the Second Floor of RAIMA, our workshop, where we have more than 3,000. A space where you can enjoy the art of paper in more than 300 square meters full of different colors and textures. In addition, we also have services such as cut to size or binding so you can create to your liking and without limits.

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