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Sunday March 26th, 2017


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Choose the size, the color, the paper and the texture, of the rest we take care of ourselves.

Drawing & Lettering Perfect for creating cards, Mandalas, drawing, drawing comics, illustrations and much more. Creativity has no limits. Dual-Brush is available in up to 96 bright colors. The two ends are brush-shaped; the fine point is mainly used to

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Your dearest memories have space in this handy photo albums. Available with binding wire, spiral sewn linen sturdy cover, paper, plain, printed. At RAIMA we offers you a myriad of models and formats, and the option of taking it off

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The Mi-Teintes ® Paper is a solution dyed paper, world renowned for his qualities. Authentic art paper, boasts the highest percentage of cotton (50%) of the market, offering high mechanical strength and sensual touch. It has two faces with different

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Avalable at RAIMA the new Lamy Al-Star Special Edition. Made from lightweight, durable aluminium, pacific blue metallic anodized. Characteristic front section. With flexible clip of shiny chrome. The attractive colors and timeless design make both Lamy AL- star as Safari

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Sunday January 8th, 2017

We have your paper

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Surely many times you doubt the type of paper you need. At RAIMA we want to help you, we make it easy for you. Easy because you will always find someone who will listen and advise you on everything you

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Saturday December 10th, 2016


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Open your notebook, take out your pen and start writing, sketching or embodying your ideas on paper, … and with a click you make everything fly to your smatphone. That’s how simple the Moleskine Smart Writing Set works. Now you

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Barcelona returned again to dress of paper, drawing and color with a new edition of the Big Draw, The Drawing Festival. More than 12,000 people participated in 20 workshops and 14 spaces distributed in the streets of emblematic neighborhoods of

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When RAIMA choose a paper not think only to be a support for images, tones, letters or drawings. When we choose a paper is for its beautiful, its texture, its personality, for it exceptional quality, the ability to provide that

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